The Department of Veterinary Medicine was established in 1981 by the University of Southern Mindanao in response to regional poultry and livestock needs.  It was envisioned to produce competent veterinarians who will participate in boosting livestock and poultry productivity.  Aside from providing manpower for instruction, research, extension and production, the graduates are also expected to help safeguard the public from animal diseases that are transmissible to human beings.

Since 1981 up to mid 1988, the Department was a unit of the College of Agriculture.  On July 8, 1988, the Department was converted into the Institute of Veterinary Medicine.  Since then, the Institute became a separate academic unit of the University of Southern Mindanao.

It was realized however, that the present set-up of the unit of is working against the objective of the University, i.e.:  to create a strong impact in the said field of specialization.  To satisfy the requirement set by the Technical Panel for Agricultural Education, Resolution No. 24, s, 1994 recommended the conversion of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine to Regents of the University of Southern Mindanao held at DECS Office Ultra, Pasig City o November 10, 1994.

The college was presented an Award of Distinction as Center of Excellence of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with all the rights and privileges effective February 27,2009 to February 27,2012 by the Office of the President and the Commission on Higher Education. The College was also awarded level III accredited in its Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program by the AACCUP, Inc.

The following served as stewards of the institution:
Name Year
Dr. Antonio H. Cambel 1980 – 1986
Dr. Jane C. Bacayo 1986 – 1989
Dr. Bernabe C. Santos 1989 – 1991
Dr. Al G. Gonzales 1991 – 1992
Dr. Gilbert N. Buenviaje 1992 – 1995
Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije 1995 – 2000
Dr. Elsa A. Gonzaga 2000 – 2002
Dr. Gilbert N. Buenviaje 2002 – 2004
Dr. Emerlie R. Okit 2004 – 2009
Dr. Elizabeth C. Molina 2009 – 2011
Dr. Emerlie R. Okit 2011 – Present

To produce graduates possessing competence in the practice of general veterinary medicine who could assist in the treatment, control and prevention of animal diseases.  These graduates shall be competent in the field of animal and public health.  Parallel with this, the graduates are trained to be effective agents in the delivery of animal health and production technologies.

Of great importance, the College aims to produce men and women who are sensitive to the needs of the society.  To make significant contribution in the field of animal health research that will benefit small scale poultry and livestock owners, through a meaningfull and vigorous extension program.

To achieve these objectives, the students are trained:

  1. To diagnose, treat, prevent and control diseases, to conduct disease surveillance, and formulate animal health management programs;
  2. To perform functions related to public health, promotion and animal rights andTo learn the advancement of animal production and preservation of wildlife;
  3. Not only to become a competent veterinarian but also to enable them to acquire proficiency in communication skills and become familiar with basic principles in social and natural sciences.
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
BS Veterinary Technology
Veterinary Aide* (1 year)
Name Highest Educational Attainment Specialization
ARROGANTE, ARIEL P. Master of Library & Information Science(candidate)
FLORES, JOSEPHINE R. Master of Veterinary Science
GARDUQUE, ROLANDO J. Master of Professional Studies-Agriculture
GONZAGA, ELSA A. Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences (An. Sc.) (candidate)
JUNATAS, KHAN L. MS Veterinary Science Major in Veterinary Anatomy
LUMBAO, LILIAN A. Ph.D in Animal Science
MOLINA, ELIZABETH C. Ph D Veterinary Science (Parasitology & Immunology)
OKIT, EMERLIE R. Ph.D. Animal Science(Animal Reproductive Physiology)
PANES, TERESITA S. MPS in Agriculture - Major in Animal Science
SANCHEZ, CARLITO B. Master of Veterinary Studies (Farm Animal Medicine)
ESTIFANIA, MARK A. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
ADAMAT, AP WARREN P. MS Animal Science
CALVO, ARIS JOHN G. MS Animal Science
LASAGA, GARRY D. Master of Science in Veterinary Science