Research & Extension

To compliment institution, research comes as another major function of the University. Research activities are mostly carried out by its research arms: the University of Southern Mindanao Agricultural Research Center (USMARC) and the Philippine Industrial Crops Research Institute (PICRI). USMARC is the national research center for corn, sorghum, and fruit crops; the regional center for rice and other cereals, livestock and farming systems, water resources, applied rural sociology, cutflowers, and ornamental plants; and a cooperating station for coconut and vegetable crops. PICRI, on the other hand, is the national research institute for rubber, fiber crops, coffee, spices, cacao, and other industrial crops. Attached to PICRI is the Philippine Rubber Testing Center (PRTC), a testing center for dried natural rubber. USM also hosts two organized bodies which do research and development activities: the Cotabato Agricultural and Resources Research and Development Consortium (CARRDEC), a research consortium of various agencies in Central Mindanao and the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), a member of the national PCC network.
ordinated by the University’s Extension Office, extension work is carried out by the different colleges and research units either on their own or in collaboration with other government agencies as well as private organizations. Provision of extension service takes the form of trainings on various subject areas for different clientele groups most of whom are farmers, technical assistance to various sectors, social laboratory projects, demonstration farms, consultancy services and public education through personal contacts and the mass media: radio, print, and video.